Our Mission and Team

Our Mission 

The Positive Psychology Lab is focused on the research and practice of strength-based psychology as a means to counter ill-being and to build resilience and well-being within individuals, families, and communities.

We are part of the larger mission at AUS to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.



Research (Individual & Small Groups)

Discussion (Large Group + Strength-Based Case Consultation)

Education (Individual & Small Groups)



Resilience and Well-Being

Empowerment, Agency, and Self-Efficacy

Growth Mindset and Post Traumatic Growth

Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Self-Care

Strengths, Flow, Grit, Hope, and Optimism

Our Team

We are a group of graduate students and faculty in the Clinical PsyD Program at Antioch University Seattle. Along with the names below, other students participate in research, complete dissertations, and collaborate on community projects related to positive psychology. See Our Impact page to view these projects and publications. 

Christopher L. Heffner, PsyD, PhD - Faculty Director
Shirley Lo, MS - Doctoral Fellow (2022-2023)
Hannah Harrison, BS - Doctoral Fellow (2021-2022)
Ashley Turner, MSW - Doctoral Fellow (2020-2021)
Gracie Struthers, BA - Doctoral Fellow (2019-2020)
Kelle Agassiz, BA - Doctoral Fellow (2018-2019)