The Positive Psychology Lab at Antioch University Seattle began in 2018, but we grew from an already present desire to better understand how to identify and amplify client strengths to help overcome mental illness and minimize its impact. Initial projects revolved around training issues, including strength-based clinical supervision and the application of a train the trainer approach with Positive Psychology and strength-based interventions like Solution-Focused Therapy.

Our current and completed projects can be found on our Research page.

Our Focus

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of how individuals, families, and communities thrive. It is founded on the belief that we want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. 

The Positive Psychology Lab is focused on both scientific research and real world application in three areas:


The capacity to successfully counter and recover from negative life events


The agency to bring about positive change and the self-efficacy or belief in one's ability to succeed


Thriving or flourishing in major domains such as Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health.

Our Mission 

The Positive Psychology Lab seeks to engage individuals, families, and communities in an exploration of resilience, empowerment, and well-being. We are part of the larger mission at Antioch University Seattle to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.

Our Team

We are a group of graduate students and faculty in the Clinical PsyD Program at Antioch University Seattle. Along with the names below, other students participate in research, complete dissertations, and collaborate on community projects related to positive psychology. See our Research page to view these projects and publications. 

Christopher L. Heffner, PsyD, PhD - Faculty Director
Hannah Harrison, BS - Doctoral Fellow (2021-2022)
Ashley Turner, MSW - Doctoral Fellow (2020-2021)
Gracie Struthers, BA - Doctoral Fellow (2019-2020)
Kelle Agassiz, BA - Doctoral Fellow (2018-2019)

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